As an OEM/ODM maker, we provide women's underwear.


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The registration for the trademark “relattie®” ( リラッティ®) “selenderfit®” ( スレンダーフィット®) in China have been completed

Both “relattie® ”  (リラッティ®) and “selemderfit®”  (スレンダーフィット®)  are the names of the bras that represent our company.

As the name suggests, “relattie® ” is a relaxing type of bra, and “selemderfit®  ” shows the underarm side clearly.

Japan has previously registered the trademark, but it finally completed the registry in China on September 28th, 2017

For companies wishing to create original brands

We provide you with the service as the OEM/ODM manufacturer for female underwear including bras, camisole with bras, girdle, bodysuits, shorts, etc. by selecting particular materials and designs.