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The exhibition for the new value creation of 2017 called “アンプリームス® ” x ” antibacterial ・ odor-resistant ・ the SUNMISEN® far infrared ray effect” has been displayed

The exhibition for “the new value creation” was held at the Big site in Tokyo from

November 15th to the 17th of 2017.


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Around 2:53 in the video, the supervisor for the Nishinomiya commerce and industry and Kishimura san can be seen. (A meeting is being held with the smaller organization. It is going very well.)


ANDOR participated in the “Health and Nursing” division at the Nishinomiya commerce and industry coordination booth.

Click here for the video↓


We displayed our company’s collaboration products, the “アンプリームス® ” and the cotton source made from charcoal thread fiber SUMISEN.


The “アンプリームス® ” logo. Its trademark has been registered in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.




SUMISEN® is an organic cotton that is burned and is processed into a charcoal thread that is then turned into cotton yarn, that becomes other materials and socks.

There are many “antibacterial odor-resistant far infrared ray” effects.




The recent kneaded charcoal fine power fiber is completely different from this new natural charcoal fiber, however if the material is washed many times the charcoal thread will not come apart, so the effect will not weaken.

Our company is the 3rd of the organization to examine the product, and the result was from washing the product over 50 times, the “antibacterial effect” multiplied by 2.5 times!

This time we displayed the socks, the pillow case, the odor-resistant laundry bag, the shorts and the maternity underwear.


The pillow case was the most popular one.

Do you think it was the large number of men who attended? Or if it was the “smell” that many people wanted to get rid of?


Other than the displayed products, the Men’s, Women’s and Children’s underwear are as equally as important.

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