As an OEM/ODM maker, we provide women's underwear.


Tel +81-798-23-6081

Aiming to become an underwear manufacturer
that is always evolving and challenging.

“We cannot do it” is not in our vocabulary.
We think of how to embody it.
We continue to plan and manufacture various underwear
in the latest form from bras as a functional product.

A message from the CEO to you

In China, there is a saying, “Half of heaven is supported by women.” This is just as said.
I believe the society with lively glowing women must be wonderful without a doubt.
Various scenes are suited for these women, but the bodies also keep evolving. We want to support women through “clothes that cover bodies = underwear”.
We adopt the integrated management from design planning to pattern making, production management, and quality control to delivery to have “beauty and comfortableness”.
We take craftsmanship (monozukuri) seriously while enjoying and trying to aim for “the best quality” in all these processes every day.
Values vary today, and the speed of change and evolution is increasingly accelerating.
As a strict company, we want to also contribute our clients with flexibility but at the same time we cannot negotiate any changes.

These are our goals

The best quality for everyone

① Our goal is to provide professional services in every process.
② We are an organization that has speed and makes changes flexibly.
③ We aim to fulfill our clients and all of our staff members through business activities.

Origin of company name

Do you remember the collective nouns taught in school?
AND = Satisfies all conditions. OR = Satisfies one of the conditions. Thus, if read both together, AND + OR = ALL… Doesn’t this look like ANDOR?
Our wish is to help all people that is how we named our company.

Listening activities for users

As a professional company, do we sometimes forget to listen to the opinions of the users?
This is a trap we are prone to be entwined. To avoid being entrapped, we not only keep the communication with our clients who order satisfied, but we also value listening to opinions from end users who wear our products.
We have monitors who will listen directly to opinions given on our products.
Opinions we receive are full of ideas of improvements and new developments.
We make use of important opinions for our next development.

January, 2008 Women in their 30’s and 40’s with hearing problems
September, 2009 A round-table discussion about glamorous women
April, 2010 A round-table discussion about skinny and petite women
June, 2010 A round-table discussion about glamorous women

Activities for spreading knowledge
and information about underwear

To spread the functionality and importance of underwear, we have held seminars for end users in Japan and overseas students. Holding external seminars can lead to our reconfirmation and brush-up on our knowledge, and increased our energy. We would like to plan these seminars in the future again.

February, 2010 Seminar on handy information for users
May, 2011 Spot seminar No. 1 on underwear for a special course of clothing and accessories, Dunghua University in Shanghai
October, 2011 Spot seminar No. 2 on underwear for a special course of clothing and accessories, Dunghua University in Shanghai

We have received several awards
from the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, etc.

2006 Encouragement Award in 100 IT Business

2007 Selected as 100 Kansai IT Utilization Company

2008 Acknowledged for the Small and Medium-Sized Business IT business Power Award

Corporate information

Trade name Andor, Inc.
Address 3F- Sun Green Building, 12-10 Rokutanji-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo 662-0918 JAPAN
Tel +81-798-23-6081
Fax +81-0798-23-6084
Nearest station 1-minute walk from Nishinomiya Station, Hanshin-Kobe Main Line
Located near the “Nishinomiya Ebisu” famous for “Fukuotoko Race” on January 10.
Established July 21, 2000
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Executive Yuko Kishimura, Representative Director
Number of employees

Headquarters in Japan: 3 in planning, 6 in technique, 1 in production management

Dalian office in China (Japanese-speaking staff available): 5 in factory management

Equipment 3 AGMS CAD machines manufactured by Asahikasei, 1 plotter, 1 digitizer
Cooperative factory Dalian/Jinzhou/Canton in China
Our banks Amagasaki Shinkin Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

Japanese Headquarters

Office scene Japanese Headquarters

Working scene of division in charge of planning and design

DALIAN office in China

Dalian seen from our meeting space

Meeting space

1-minute walk from City Hall Exit (Shiyakusyoguchi) of “Nishinomiya Station” Hanshin Train Main Line,
12-minute walk from South Exit of JR “Nishinomiya Station”