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Just wearing it makes it
look so beautiful.

The research for our patterns are based on the bust and the body shape,
to make a beautiful line and some comfort.

Beautifully straighten.
We have nonnegotiable ideas for it.

The bra is the functional product. We do not consider flawed or ill-fitting bras as a functional product.
This product is for people who can wear it. This is a simple concept but we focus highly on this matter.
In order for the design to be beautifully aligned, developing an excellent pattern and comfortable fit is important.
No matter how much lace we decorate the bra with, if the line does not look proper we cannot call it beautiful.
Age and body shapes have their own characteristics, which ultimately makes the lines and functions differ from one another. The patterns come to life from the products that are made from these requests.

To make the body line appear on the outer wear.

The bra has a significant role among the underwear. It changes in various ways according to the lifestyle of that person.

We research the various types of female body shapes, and we continue to make new products based on the opinions of the end users who try the bras.

We created our original torsos
for the evolving generation body shapes.

Japanese women in the earlier periods had thin and/or oval shaped bodies with sloping shoulders. The forms of the bust and hips have changed over several decades, due to the changes of their eating habits and the environment.

With great cooperation, we have taken samples from the average form of ladies aged 27 to 35. We made the original torso fit perfectly for this generation.
Through the 3D scan it was revealed that this torso has the most ideal line for this size and form. Which means that this fabric’s original torso makes the bra fit perfectly for this generation of Japanese women.
We also have one that is realistic, the plastic torso with heaviness and flexibility so you can check the comfort of the bust.

The evolution of regular patterns

Will a regular pattern ever change?
No, our regular patterns have been continuing to evolve.
If one product is made, then new improvements will be made as well.
We identify them one by one to incorporate them into the regular patterns.
The silhouette also subtly changes along with the generations.
Thus, our regular patterns continue evolving and improving year after year.

Introduction of
Andor’s regular patterns

美 Triangle®

We make the ideal triangle with the top and collar bone for a young looking silhouette.

The “lifting” and “pushing aside” makes the bra have a youthful looking line.
If the line connects from the center of the collar bone to both of the tops, then it looks closer to an equilateral triangle, with a young and healthy looking style. We adopted the pattern demonstrating the lifting effect using the lift-up panel and the whole surface on the cup, and pushed the top position to the center. If we make the beautiful triangle it can come out as the young style. The well-balanced proportion of the whole body frame can bring out a smart outerwear looking style!


A bra making you look thinner with the help of tight side lines.

With just one look, this pattern is made up of the cups with three sheets. With the side pattern cups, it can straighten the bust inward as if pushing your bust with your hands. However, this pattern also has the ability to make the cup look round, not sharp.
The silhouette of the side line looks sharper using the beauty and functionality the side panel has. This bra can bring out the neat and slender look. The slender silhouette can only be made when the angles of the cup and side panel miraculously fit. This will not work if it is only placed with the side panel.
Registered in Japan and China.

ビュースリム® ViewSLIM

The bra does not show any thickness through shirts. It can be worn elegantly!

This bra can make larger busts look smaller and slender, thanks to the cup pattern and the structure with the front in the center, developed independently by us. This bra does show any thickness through the shirts. It is a good style as the product name indicates. You have a variety of outer wear clothes to choose from so you can enjoy wearing them. That is our expertise here at Glamourous Women.


Glamourous Women bras grants safety and beauty for women.

This bra is made for the end users that have problems with fitting their bust in bras.
This bra has a wide and non-slippery strap which can thoroughly support the heavy bust to reduce the weight on the shoulders. The cups appear to be the normal ones but it has the ability to wrap and support the bust with the integrated inner portion of cut and back parts. At Glamourous Women, after repeating fittings and checking the problems and the comfortableness we have come up with this cup pattern.

Mesh Cup

A light bra with a brand new concept which has never been felt.

This is a completely new bra that has a cup which is made up with the mesh material. End users will forget that they are even wearing anything because of the lightness and comfort. The see through effect which the thin cups have are fixed with this new special structure. This is a wonderful bra which is comfortable and makes you look stylish.


A bra for when relaxing.

The bust is actually heavier than you think. There are some end users who wear the bra while sleeping to keep an accurate bust shape. This is a bra for relaxing, not to tighten.
We figured out a way to maintain the comfortable sleeping posture. This bra supports the bust to avoid spreading to the side without wires as if it were wrapped. It also helps you turn over in your bed smoothly.
Registered in Japan, China and Korea.

Seamless underwear

Seamless for a gentler feel.

This item is not made by sewing but by crimping. Seamless features do not appear on outerwear, but it feels gentle on the skin. This is a bra-less tank-top with a cup. Other variations are available such as bras and shorts.

Puffy Cup Bra

A puffy touch with a gel type silicon.

This bra has a built-in gel type silicone pad in the cup. The cup itself also has a puffy soft feel. This is the natural and comfortable bra. The gel type silicone which is close to liquid does not wet the surface of the cup because we manufacture the cups under the severe control at the production site.


This is underwear that focuses on the Kegel muscle which has a protective light incontinence in the shorts.

The “Kegel muscle” is the muscle that tightens the urethra, etc. This is a functional underwear developed for focusing on those parts. The original hummock structure can cover the light incontinence while stimulating the Kegel muscle (patent pending). The water absorption and deodorant pad is installed in the wedge portion.


This item uses a fabric tape for the skin (patent pending) instead of using any wires. That is what makes the beautifully straightened bust line structure.

The benefit of
the Integrated Production System

Planning & Design

Shapes that have not developed from the abstract image, embodies the compatibility of the function of both fashion and trend.
We will offer our original designs that you may not find anywhere else.

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Creating Patterns

We ensure to make the two-dimensional materials fit the three-dimensional bodies of our customers, and we would also like for the customers to feel comfortable in the materials.

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Production & QC

We manage the material and when it is produced, we check it thoroughly and repeatedly maintain control of the quality. Thus ensuring what we offer to be top quality.

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For companies wishing to create original brands

We provide you with the service as the OEM/ODM manufacturer for female underwear including bras, camisole with bras, girdle, bodysuits, shorts, etc. by selecting particular materials and designs.