As an OEM/ODM maker, we provide women's underwear.


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We make your own original brand.

Why don’t you purchase the new underwear brand?
We produce unique original brands with the underwear lineup
that you cannot find anywhere else.
This is our job as the OEM/ODM manufacturer.

We can help the following clients:

  • Apparel brands who want to add the underwear line
  • Sport manufacturers who are looking for the sports bras
    with better functional sport bras
  • Manufacturers who are looking for cosmetics
    and supplements for women
  • Manufacturers of healthy food products
    who are mainly targeting women

Business types do not matter. Please feel free to contact us.

Distinctive OEM/ODM by Andor

We embody the image thought by our clients.

First, we inquire of concepts from our clients, and then begin creating the design map clarifying appealing points. Vague images are enough at this stage. We take a longer time to do so because creating the design map is the main process to form the needs of end users and the brand image.

Integrated management from planning/proposal and manufacture to delivery

With total management, the information is unified, and we do not make any communication mistakes or omit any work in the process. We finish making proposed products in the timely manner.

We value the delivery speed.

We have been making the fastest deliveries in this field. Underwear varies depending on the season. We increase the speed from planning to delivery to not delay the products to be sold in the desired time. We certainly engage with the promised delivery date.

A dedicated team corresponds to each client.

A designer, pattern maker, along with individuals in charge of sewing and production management as a team correspond with each client. These responsible individuals will not be replaced.
Thus, our clients need not worry if the information is inconsistent or if a course of direction will change in the middle of the project.
The same staff will correspond with you and you can rely on them with the project without any problems.

The process of inquiry to delivery

Design planning
In response to the needs of end users and the desired brand image,
we incorporate and work on the product design when planning and manufacturing.
Pattern making
We make the patterns from 2D design illustration to 3D design.
Trial manufacture
We actually manufacture the trial product to check for any corrections or changes.
We create the estimation based on the client’s conditions.
Material procurement
After selecting and confirming the best materials domestically and internationally, we send them to the factory.
According to the Japanese standards we sew the products and strictly repeat checking for any mistakes.
Quality control
We check the quality in every process to make sure it is high-level Japanese quality.
We deliver your products on the exact designated date and place.

Example cases

Cosmetic manufacturer
We received the order for relaxing bra for sleeping.
Telephone shopping company for beauty, health, and original products
The underwear for incontinence prevention you ordered is the best-selling product.

Frequently asked questions

Are you available for smaller lot?
We are sorry to inform you but we can only accept orders for 1000 bras for at least one color.
This is my first time ordering apparel products. How do I order?
No worries, just tell us which underwear and brand types you would like to make.
Is it possible for you to make special sizes of underwear for me?
We manufacture the OEM/ODM manufacturers; thus, we cannot accept individual orders for a special item.