As an OEM/ODM maker, we provide women's underwear.


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We produce good products to make
strong-selling products.

We thoroughly select the materials,
and produce products incorporating
the creator’s idea.

Think about “How much power does selling really have?”

Our whole staff including the designers and pattern makers are always aware of making “strong selling” products. We catch the information and incorporate them into products. We understand the true needs and work with it from that point, and we research the latest trends. Furthermore, we not only consider the duties given to us but we also take into consideration the awareness of how the cost will be put into the whole process of making the product.

For the end users to say, “This is what I wanted!” just proves how much power selling a product has. We understand that in order to resolve any concerns about the functionality and fashion, the comfort, the variations of the underwear, will resolve in an unsuccessful product.

Always look for the new trends around the world.

The underwear has a trend as well, and the outerwear is necessary to fit now more than ever. To make a strong-selling bra requires to catch both the latest and the future trends and high sensitivity.

For research, we mainly visit New York for the leading latest fashion to pick up the latest trends, and incorporate its inspiration into our plans and proposals.

Before the actual design,
you must think about the material first.

When arranging the overseas trends for the Japanese, the same materials may or may not be used in Japan to meet Japanese quality standards. We should be careful of some of the material that directly affects the skin. We develop the sewing materials and the sewing technique with the material manufacturers to create the actual design and the functionality. It is newer and more comfortable. We do not dwell too much on the existing materials, we always like a challenge.

For example, we developed the thread to show the transparency of the bra cup. The thread itself has elasticity and it is also semi-transparent. We made this beautiful bra which has never been found by the mesh material with water, moisture, and air permeability.

The benefit of
the Integrated Production System

Planning & Design

Shapes that have not developed from the abstract image, embodies the compatibility of the function of both fashion and trend.
We will offer our original designs that you may not find anywhere else.

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Creating Patterns

We ensure to make the two-dimensional materials fit the three-dimensional bodies of our customers, and we would also like for the customers to feel comfortable in the materials.

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Production & QC

We manage the material and when it is produced, we check it thoroughly and repeatedly maintain control of the quality. Thus ensuring what we offer to be top quality.

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For companies wishing to create original brands

We provide you with the service as the OEM/ODM manufacturer for female underwear including bras, camisole with bras, girdle, bodysuits, shorts, etc. by selecting particular materials and designs.