As an OEM/ODM maker, we provide women's underwear.


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Privacy Policy

Andor, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “this company”) promotes the privacy policy by specifying the privacy policy as shown below, building the privacy policy structure, and familiarizing all employees with the importance and the effort of privacy policy.

Section 1. Management of privacy policy

To maintain the accurate and latest private information for our clients and to prevent illegal access breakage, falsification, and leakage, this company adopts necessary measures including maintaining security systems and management systems, and providing employees with training, and takes safety measures for rigorous management as private information.

Section 2. Private information about Utilization purposes

Private information that we receive from you will be used when contacting you from this company, by replying your questions, and sending emails and documents.

Section 3. Prohibition on disclosure and provision of private information to third parties

This company appropriately manages the private information we are given, and will not disclose any private information to the third parties except for the following cases:
・When disclosing after obtaining agreement from our client.
・When disclosing to the manufactures which this company consigns to perform the service our client desires.
・When disclosing based on laws and ordinances.

Section 4. Private information safety

This company takes safety measures to ensure the accuracy and the safety for private information.

Section 5. Verification for individuals

When our client wishes to verify, correct, or edit the private information, we will have it done after confirming the identification.

Section 6. Corrections and reviews of laws and ordinance

This company observes Japanese laws and ordinances on the owned private information, reviews and improves these policies as required.

Contact Inforamation

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For companies wishing to create original brands

We provide you with the service as the OEM/ODM manufacturer for female underwear including bras, camisole with bras, girdle, bodysuits, shorts, etc. by selecting particular materials and designs.